Most people don’t love doing laundry, but it’s a necessary evil and it seems never-ending, especially if you have kids.  Apartment Therapy’s tips  will help you find sanity in a world where laundry always needs to be done.
Do a load of laundry a day. Of course, some people may not have enough dirty clothes to do laundry every day, but if you have children, you’ll probably find this necessary to keep up.
Follow through with each load of laundry from start to finish.  In other words, you put a load in the washer, then you put it in the dryer or hang it to dry, then you fold it or hang it, and put all the laundry away.  Otherwise you wind up getting backlogged at some point in the process and suddenly your couch is covered in unfolded towels.  A helpful tip is to set a timer for how long your washer and dryer take so you remove your loads promptly.
Figure out where you always break down in the process and concentrate on fixing it.  Maybe you never get your laundry out of the dryer, or maybe you get it folded, but you never put it away.  Whatever it is, meet that sticking point head one and make sure you follow through!
Make a process that works logically.  In other words, think about how you will put the laundry away before you put them away.  Group like items together by destination so you can simply put them up once they are ready.
Finally, make laundry fun, or at least as fun as possible.  Play some music, watch a favorite tv show while you are doing it or reward yourself when you’re done to give you something to look forward to!
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