It is important not to get swept away with look of an apartment. Do not ignore some of the important questions you should be asking before you sign your next apartment lease. Renting an apartment can be a very daunting task, but with the help of a licensed apartment locator it does not have to be. Here are our five top pick of questions that will assure you are prepared before you sign your name!
What is your pet policy?  If you are a pet lover you will want to confirm the pet policy early in the rental search process. Your housing issue should never cost a pet their shelter. Did you know that 72% of American households that rent have pets. You, like many other apartment renters, are looking for a landlord that accommodates their furry roommate. Every apartment complex has a different set of rules, but most will ask for a pet deposit to offset the cost of the extra cleaning when you move out. Either way, make sure you know if there are any cost associate with your lease before you agree to move in.
Am I allowed to modify my apartment? If customization is important to you address it before signing a lease. It is important to get it in writing if you can make any type of cosmetic changes to the apartment. Ask your potential landlord about painting the walls, putting up shelves, and if you need to restore the apartment to its original condition before moving out. Doing things without your landlord’s permission could cause an early termination of your lease or loss of your security deposit.
What are the hours for the communal spaces? Make sure that the space around your apartment is designed to be easily accessible and usable for all apartment residents. It is important to check out the laundry room and see if it is operational. Outdoor spaces should be created to support the number of residents in the complex. If you are a gym junkie then make sure the hours of the apartment gym accommodate your schedule.Communal spaces have become very popular, and you want to make sure to take advantage of them and use all of the apartment facilities.
How does parking affect me? One of the biggest headaches in multi-family housing is vehicle parking. Scout the parking lot and inquire about limited or reserved parking spots. Inquire about disabled parking if you require. The last thing you want to have is parking issues after you have moved in, so make sure to ask all the important questions prior to committing to your lease.
Are utilities included? Knowing how much you are going to spend monthly on rental expenses is very important. Asking if your rent includes electricity, cable, or Internet is just as important as asking what the average utility bill is in the building. You might like the place and the location, but make sure you like the monthly cost too.

All of our apartment locators are knowledgeable with the right questions to ask before you sign your name on your next apartment lease. Contact us today at 210-558-7377, and let us help you know what you are signing up for!