Being eco-friendly when you rent an apartment is not as hard as you may think. As an apartment dweller there is actually a few things you can such as decrease your energy usage, recycle glass and plastic, and even compost.

Food waste is the single largest component of solid waste filling our landfills, so composting is a great alternative for those tired of food waste. If you have never created a compost pile and you’re not sure where to start, here’s how you can get started in just four simple steps.

1. Buy a container
Purchase a large plastic container from the gardening department. Poke holes to create a ventilation system and allow for water to drain.

Note: You can house your compost pile inside or outside of your apartment, just make sure it is a cool spot that gets plenty of sunlight. A properly managed compost pile will not attract pest and bugs or create a bad odor.

2. Prep the container
Before you can begin tossing food into you compost bin you must make sure to prepare the bin correctly. First, cut strips of old newspaper and soak them in water. Next, line the bottom of the compost container with them. Finally, pour soil over the clippings and add worms.

Note: For every one square foot add a pound of worms. Don’t want to add worms, then substitute worms for aged manure.

3. Toss in the food
Now that you have the paper, soil, and worms you are ready to start tossing in your scraps of food. Remember you can compost fruits, vegetables, paper, coffee and coffee filters. After you toss in your scraps make sure to cover it with more soaked paper strips.

Note: Do not add animal waste, meat, bones, plastic, chemicals, citrus, or dairy to your compost.

4. Repeat
It’s easy, just keep piling your food scraps into your compost container. It will take about about 12 week for worms to break down a bin full of compost. Once everything decomposes you can use the soil for fertilizer in your potted plants, sprinkle it across the lawn, or give it away to a friend who has a garden.

Note: Worms will last for up to a year so no need to purchase or add more unless you decide you love composting so much that you want to set up another container.

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