Apartments Now San Antonio CardLinens and Towels can take up an enormous amount of real estate if you have a small apartmentApartment has some clever tricks for taming the tide of towels and sheets if you don’t have a gigantic linen closet.

First, make some tough decisions about how much you really need.  Beds can only wear one set of sheets at a time, so consider keeping just one or maybe two sets per bed.  Also, everytime you buy a new set of sheets or towels, get rid of an old set.  If you like to change up your bedding, choose a duvet and different duvet covers, which will take up a lot less space than bulky comforters.

Once you’ve paired down your stash, keep your linen closet neat by storing like items and sizes together on a labelled shelf, so you don’t have to pull out all your twin sheets to find your king set.  Then store the sets in their matching pillow case so they are ready at a moment’s notice. 

No linen closet or one the size of a postage stamp?  There are other creative places you can keep your stuff such as under your bed or at the end of your bed in a piece of furniture with a lid.  You could even put them in your closet on hangers, in empty suitcases, or in an armoire or cabinet in a convenient place for you that is not necessarily the bathroom.  For blankets, you can fold those and place them at the foot of your bed for a storage solution that’s also decorative.  Now you and the fabric that keeps you dry and warm at night can live in harmony!