Whether you just graduated from college, are just moving out of your parent’s home, or have always had a roommate here are 3 things everyone should know before leaping into a newly found independence.

Expenses Add Up Quickly – Living alone is much more expensive than you might realize. You do not have anyone to split the utility bill with and are solely responsible for the cable, electricity, and renter’s insurance all on your own.

Shop Strategically – Make sure you are equipped with the basics. You will need to furnish your entire apartment, but do not have to do it all at once. Supply yourself with the essentials like 4 cups and plates for your kitchen and a mattress and sofa set.

Hone Your Grown Up Skills – Ramen noodle packets and Ritz crackers will only take you so far. Learn to cook for yourself in small quantities. Ask a friend or take a class and learn a few easy, simple dishes you can make at home.  Also know how to grocery shop. Buy only what you need and to avoid tossing food out and wasting money.

Renting an apartment can be just as complicated and time-consuming, but working with an apartment finder can help make the challenges of securing an apartment easier for you. Our apartment finders at Apartments Now are knowledgeable of the San Antonio rental market and can help find you the perfect apartment for you and your budget. Call us today!