Looking to save money?  About.com has the top tips for living frugally.  Whether you want start living more cheaply to save for a big purchase, to pay down debt, or to work less and live more, follow these suggestions to spend less money.
Rather than buying books or renting movies, check them out from your local library.  It’s free and you also won’t have to come up with storage space for your books after you buy them.  If there are movies your library doesn’t have, Redbox only charges $1 a night.
Cutting coupons can often save you money, especially if you find a grocery store that has days where they double coupons.  However proceed with caution: often the store brand is cheaper than the name brand even with a coupon.  You can also search for free samples online and either try a new product or get an old favorite at no cost.
Dining out is one of the biggest discretionary expenses in most people’s budget and it is one of the easiest to cut back on.  Cooking at home more and eating out less will save you lots of money.
Paying your bills online not only saves on stamp and check costs, but if you sign up for autopay, you won’t have to worry about any late fees when you forget to pay your bills on time.
Combine errands to save on gas and ride your bike or walk to those errands that are close by.  Speaking of car savings, changing your own oil is an easy car repair you can do at home that will save money.
When it comes to household chores, creating your own cleaners will not only cost less, but is better for the environment and your health because you aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals.  By washing your laundry in cold water, you save money on electricity because your water heater doesn’t have to be turned on and your clothes will come out just as clean.
Another saving electricity tip?  Turn off lights, electronics, and appliances when they aren’t in use.  Also, when you get cold, throw on a sweater instead of turning up the heat.  In the summer, close the drapes or blinds and turn on a fan rather than turning down the thermostat.
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