Sharing your #apartment with a member of the opposite sex is increasingly becoming more normal.  However, there are certain considerations to be made before you sign the lease with a #CoEdRoommate.  Global shares some guidelines.
Psychologists have discovered a phenomenon where when friends who are of different genders live together, they often develop an attraction to one another.  While this doesn’t mean it’s a foregone conclusion that you and your roomie/friend will become romantically involved, or that you even want to, it’s important to be aware of this and avoid intimate touches or flirting that may end in romantic entanglements.  A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t exhibit the behavior in public or in front of a romantic partner, it could be a gateway behavior.
If one or both roommates are in a relationship, it may make the romantic partner(s) jealous.  Before establishing an apartment together, or at the start of any new serious relationship with a love interest, have a meeting with everyone involved to reassure significant others that there is no need to be envious.  Another important rule to establish with your roomie is how often dates can come home.
Set rules for what is acceptable as far as attire around the house.  Sure, you might think it’s fine to walk around in your skivvies, but it can make your opposite gender roommate uncomfortable.  Set what is acceptable at the outset to avoid embarrassment later.
Avoid stereotypes like the woman is in charge of cleaning and the man is in charge of fixing broken stuff.  Divide the household chores equally just as you would with any roommate.  Also, don’t become emotionally dependent on your roomie.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of using them as a surrogate romantic partner.
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