Studios and one-bedrooms have both their positive and negatives, but what they do share in common is they have minimum square footage. If you have recently rented a small apartment or are thinking about it then check out these small apartment hacks that are sure to help make your apartment feel more like a grand home.

Invest in A Good Storage System
When you have a small space you can spot everything in sight. Hide unpleasant items such as power cords and paper clutter. Storage is key when it comes to small apartment living.
Utilize Mirrors
When you want to add the illusion of square footage to a small space then consider adding a mirror to the room. Mirrors make everything look larger because they reflect the natural light in a room.  Strategically place mirrors in your tiny apartment, and open up the space without breaking down walls.
Give Furniture Some Room
Add the appearance of more space in your living room by not shoving your furniture against the wall. I know you want to utilize every inch, but give some breathing room between your sofa and the apartment walls. For example, try placing a console table behind your living room sofa to lend the appearance of more space while also adding more storage.
Draw Attention To Ceilings
Hang curtain rods up high and draw attention to your ceilings to make the room seem larger than it really is. Better yet, leave windows uncovered to allow more natural light to enter the room also giving the impression of more space. Either way utilize windows in your small space!
Use Rugs
Utilize area rugs and separate one big room into several smaller spaces.  This tactic works great in studio apartments where there is only one big space to work with.
Utilize Unused Spaces
Rethink those spaces that go unused.  Be storage savvy in your kitchen and maximize over cabinet space.  Try adding shelving over doorways or place hanging racks on the back of doors. Other ideas include utilizing corner shelving, and placing storage solutions at entryways.  Continue to think of ways to add functional storage in your small apartment.
Dual Purpose Furniture
Make the most of your small space by investing in furniture pieces that will serve multiple functions in your home. Invest in fold it up furniture and dining tables with drop leaves.  Built-in storage will hide apartment clutter, while creating a great organizational system with purpose.
Need more small space ideas? Check out our Small Space Hacksboard on Pinterest.

You do not have to live your life in the apartment the size of a shoebox. If you are looking to save money in your apartment rental then contact our licensed apartment locators and let them help you find you the perfect size apartment for your budget.