Are you looking to improve your small space without spending a cent? Changing the look of your apartment does not have to cost you a fortune. If you have the itch to change things up a bit then check out these 3 simple decorating tips that take just a little imagination and energy but no money at all.

This is an instant way to transform a room. Do not be afraid to mix up furniture from different rooms. Try swapping out rugs or changing the direction of your sofa. Just remember to spread the weight throughout the room so that it will feel more natural and light.

2. Clear counter space
In a small space the clutter on counters can take away from the view of the apartment. Try to limit what is on your counters to essential items that you only use daily. Everything else needs to find a home out of sight. Minimizing accessories is an easy, no cost way to give a room a face lift!
Source:Better Homes & Garden
3. Remove heavy curtains
Maximizing the natural light in your apartment can make all the difference. Bright rooms can make us feel happier and also add a degree of warmth to a room. Removing curtains is a great way to brighten a dark room minus the paint.

Source: Patahome

No matter the size of your budget, every apartment is worth decorating. Contact our apartment finders and let them help you find the perfect apartment for you and your budget!