Meal planning is sometimes hard to keep up with this time of year.  However, you will save money, eat healthier, and retain some sanity if you follow The Kitchn’s meal planning tips!
Mark your calendar or planner to show when you have events that will keep you away from home for dinner.  That way you won’t accidentally buy food for that meal that goes to waste.  
Always go to the store with a shopping list so you don’t forget anything or wind up getting a bunch of stuff you don’t need.  However, don’t plan too far in advance because a lot of events can pop up last minute.
Make sure your pantry has a lot of cooking staples you can go to in a pinch and use it rather than picking up fast food.  Another way to save time during the week is to  do prep work for weeknight meals on the weekend so you can cook more quickly during the week.  This can include chopping vegetables or cooking a pot of rice that can be heated up later.
Keep healthy snacks easily accessible so that you reach for a piece of fruit rather than a sugar cookie.  Another way to keep up healthy eating habits is to prepare breakfast the night before so you can be sure to get your busy days off to a good start.  
Keep your meals simple to save your sanity.  A slow cooker is a great way to make meals quickly and simply.  Plus you can get last minute holiday chores done while dinner cooks.
Finally, leftovers are your friend  Repurpose what you already have to turn into a new meal or at least use them for lunch.
What’s your biggest time saving tip during the holidays?  How do you prevent holiday burnout?
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