Meeting your neighbors can be intimidating, but it not only builds a sense of community, but it is a great way to make new friends, especially if you’re new to an area.  With Apartment Therapy’s Tips, you’ll be making new friends in your new home in no time!
The first bit of advice might seem obvious, but it’s simply, “talk to people.”  If you see your neighbor in the hallway, say hi and introduce yourself.  If another neighbor has their hands full with groceries, offer to help.  Look for ways to talk to people that seem natural, not forced.
Frequent common spaces, like an apartment building courtyard or swimming pool.  You may wind up striking up a conversation with a neighbor and may even get invited to do something like head over to the pool table in your complex’s clubhouse and play a game!  If you don’t leave your apartment, you’ll never meet anyone, so try to get to know your complex’s amenities so you’ll hopefully get to know your neighbors.
If there are any festivals or block parties in your area, be sure to go to them.  Sure it can feel a little weird to go by yourself, but you will most likely be rewarded by meeting a few new friends and having a good time.
Join to try and find people in your area with common interests that are having meetups.  This is a great way to find people you have things in common with and often these events are organized by neighborhood.
Finally, join your local cultural institutions, like art museums, the symphony, theatre, etc.  Many of these have events, which is a great way to make new friends who also like to support the arts.  
If all else fails, knock on your neighbor’s door and introduce yourself.  Sure, it may feel a little awkward, but how can you meet anyone if you don’t take a little bit of a risk?
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