Cleaning your rental apartment or house when you move out is imperative to getting your deposit back.  Apartment gets down and dirty with the details so you can get your apartment sparkling clean and pocket that dough to decorate your new place!
Overall cleaning includes taking any nails or screws out of the walls and puttying them smooth, dusting light fixtures that are on the ceiling, dusting ledges, and giving windows a cleaning.  In addition, you should wipe down door knobs, doors, light switches, outlets, walls and baseboards.  Next, vacuum, get the carpet cleaned if there are any stains, and knock down cobwebs.
In the bathroom, scrub soap scrum off bathroom tiles, the tub and shower, and bleach the grout.  Give a good cleaning to the bathroom drawers and vanity, removing any drawer liners you put down.  Clean the toilet, sink, countertop and sweep and mop the floor, replacing the toilet seat if it looks gross.  Finally, wipe down the mirror and vacuum the surface of the exhaust fan if it’s filthy.
In the kitchen, clean out all the cabinets and drawers, taking out any liners.  Wipe down the cabinets and countertops and clean the sink and faucet.  Clean the refrigerator until it sparkles, inside and out, removing shelves and cleaning them in the sink if necessary.  Clean the oven and remove all the shelves, drip pans and burners.  A tip:  steel wool is a must for getting the grime gone in the oven/stove.  Clean the dishwasher, exhaust fan and finally pull out all the appliances and sweep behind them.
In the bedrooms and living room, dust, sweep, vacuum and mop once everything is out of the rooms.  The garage, if there is one, should be emptied completely and swept out.  Finally, outside, mow the lawn, pull weeds, and remove any personal belongings.