For many apartment dwellers organizing a small space can sometimes feel like a challenge. If you recently decided to jump onto the tiny home movement then here are 3 small space necessities for you. These organizational tips will help any tiny space feel larger, more functional, as well as more comfortable.

Let lots of natural light in.
The smaller the space the more natural light you need. Avoid covering up your windows with heavy or dark curtains. The light will make the apartment feel open and a lot more welcoming.

Source: Re-Nes

Use multi-use furniture.

Your first priority in a small space is to avoid the clutter! If you are serious about small space living then you need to make sure to invest in multi-functional furniture. The less the better, in this case at least.
Source: Wayfair

Go vertical.

Since your floorspace is limited you need to utilize your vertical space. You might feel tempted to put stuff away, but use shelving to proudly display your personal belongings.

Source: OrganizedLiving
Just because you are limited on space does not mean your apartment cannot be organized. Our apartment finders are experts in working with renters who would like the most spacious apartment for their budget. If you are looking to save money in your next apartment then contact our apartment finders and let them help find you the perfect sized apartment for your budget!