With a new year on its way, your thoughts may be turning towards getting your #apartment organized.  Make sure you tackle #organization the right way with Apartment Therapy’s list of what NOT to do.
Don’t go to the Container Store and furiously throw storage boxes into your cart, only to find out when you get home that they don’t fit your belongings or your space.  Instead, sort your things first and determine how many containers and what sizes you need.  Buy just a few to begin with and know you can always go back for more.
Organize in small increments.  Rather than trying to get your entire house in shape in one day, organize one room or area at a time, and only spend two to three hours on it.  That way you will be more motivated and you won’t risk burnout. 
Once you’ve separated all your stuff into keep, toss, and donate piles, go ahead and get the toss and donate stuff out of your house right away.  Don’t let the newly purged items suffer in the purgatory of your garage or your car.  Make plans to get your cast-offs to their new homes and do it right away. 
Once everything is organized, resist the temptation to go back to your old ways.  Continue to use your new system so you won’t find yourself in disorganized purgatory again. 
Finally, you don’t live in a catalog.  If your space is neat, clean and you can find everything, it works for you and it is a good system.  Don’t try to live up to an impossible standard; enjoy your space and recognize that you’re human.  Now get to work on a clutter-free apartment!
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