A new year, a new clutter-free life, right?  Not if you don’t have the proper processes and habits in place to set yourself up for success!  Read on for how to create a Landing Strip to stop clutter before it enters your apartment, courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
The Landing Strip area should be set up in your apartment, near your front door, where it will be the first thing you see when you enter and the last thing you see before you leave.  A small area will do the trick, as long as you can fit a few key elements:  a spot or hook for your keys and a bowl or container for change and your wallet on a flat surface such as a side table so you can sort mail and other things that enter your home.  Two “nice to haves” you can include are a mirror so you can make sure you’re presentable as you leave and a small trashcan or recycling bin for the incoming things that need to be thrown out.
Make sure your space is inviting so you will get in the habit of using it on each trip in or out of your house.  The process should work as follows:  you return home and hang your coat (you can add hooks to your landing strip or put it in a coat closet), put your keys and wallet in their places, and empty your bags of anything you won’t need next time you leave the house.  Hang your bags (either on hooks or in the closet).
Stay at the landing strip and go through your mail and anything else you’ve brought with you.  Throw away or recycle right away anything you don’t need.  Then go ahead and put away any other stuff you have with you, like groceries, etc.
By doing this every time you return home, you are taking just a couple of minutes to ensure that clutter doesn’t pile up, you can always find your keys and wallet, and you don’t miss important mail items like bills!
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