The Texas Apartment Association provides a free education class online called Renting 101. If you need more information on renting, or are deciding if renting is right for you, taking this class will be helpful!

Free First-Time Renter Education Program

Choosing your home is one of the most important economic decisions you will make. The Texas Apartment Association Education Foundation’s free Renting 101 course takes first-time renters through all aspects of the housing decision.

  • Decide whether renting is the right choice for you
  • Pick up valuable tools and tips to help make your renting experience easy and even fun
  • Understand the rental process
  • Save time and potentially even money with what you learn
  • Learn at your own pace, online
  • Receive a customized rental blueprint to use during your housing search
  • Absolutely free

Renting 101 is an in-depth online education course designed to help first-time renters select, lease, and live responsibly in rental housing. It’s not, however, designed for quick questions.

If you are looking for quick information, you’ll want to first check out the other information in the Renter Information section of this site.