Surprisingly, more than one-third of renters have kids at home.  Although renting has always been characterized as a lifestyle choice, market factors have driven more people in the direction of renting.

For those renters with kids at home, balancing the rising apartment rents along with the costs of raising a family can be a stressful challenge. According to the new analysis, San Antonio renters spend just as much money on their monthly rent payment than they do on their childcare costs.  

The cost of raising a family can be expensive, but that cost looks very different depending on where you are living.  In San Antonio that cost includes $1,300 on rent and an additional $1,200 on child care.

As apartment rents keep rising finding the best apartment deal has never been more critical. Our apartment locators know the best San Antonio apartments for renters with kids and can help you lock in the best deal for your budget.

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