While Austin is considered one of the most pet friendly cities in the nation, a lot of Austin apartment and town home communities still have a restrictive breeds list that an apartment will not allow on the property. This list usually includes the majority of what are considered “aggressive breed” canines. Whether you agree with it or not, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pit bulls, and German Shepherds seem to be on most lists.

Let me stress that this is very property specific. Some properties will take a German Shepherd but not a Rottweiler. Some properties even have Labs on their restrictive breeds list because of the size the Lab can get to be. He may be a 30 lb puppy when you move in, but he/she could grow to well over 60 lbs in the first year which may put the puppy over the weight limit! It is extremely important to let your apartment locator know what breed of dog you have and how much he or she weighs so that they don’t recommend apartment communities that will not accept your pet.

Properties have these restrictions for the safe and comfort of the community, not because they don’t like your dog. Some apartments that on are on fence as to whether they will allow a specific breed, might have you furnish pet references as to the character of your dog, a letter from your vet, or even conduct a pet interview where the management has a chance to meet the dog in person before deciding whether it will be allow on the property.