You may be facing a return to work after a long vacation over the holidays and feel overwhelmed about where to start.’s tips help you be productive at your job as soon as you return.
When you get back to your office, odds are you will have a huge number of voicemails and emails.  Start with the voicemails and return calls because something is usually much more urgent if someone called you about it.  Also, they may have emailed you as well, so if you speak with them, you’ll be able to delete their emails afterwards.
Focus on simple tasks like filing, organizing, etc, rather than big ideas.  It’s going to take some time to get back into the swing of things so use the fact that you’re having a hard time focusing productively.  
When you first get back, try scheduling meetings so your coworkers enthusiasm will rub off on you and energize you to get back to work. 
Come into work early or stay late so you can get work done without the pressure of a constantly ringing phone or your coworkers interrupting you to say hello and ask how your time off was.
After time away, you’ll be able to take a look at your desk from a new perspective.  Take time to try rearranging the things on your desk and in your office to see if a new setup would work better for you.
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