Smoking or Non?  It’s an important issue to decide for your apartment, whether you are the one who smokes or your roommate is the non-smoker.  Even if both of you smoke, there are a lot of good reasons to consider making your apartment a no smoking zone. addresses some common roommate etiquette rules such as smoking.
By keeping smoke outside, you prevent a lot of problems.  Smoking can aggrevate allergies, and the smell can permeate all your furniture and even the walls and carpet.  These odors are difficult to remove when your lease is up and your landlord may take it out of your security deposit.  If someone falls asleep with a lit cigarette or drops a lit cigarette around flammable materials, it can even start a fire.  The best policy, even if your roommate says they are okay with it, is to smoke outside.
Before allowing anyone to smoke in your apartment, check your lease to be sure it isn’t prohibited, and to ensure you follow any rules about it.  Make sure anyone who smokes in your apartment, including guests, are careful and completely extinguish any smoking materials.  Don’t smoke in bed and prohibit your roommate from doing the same. 
Finally be open to revisiting your policy.  If one of you quits smoking, for example, it’s highly unlikely they will want to continue to allow smoking inside your home.  There’s no one one more militantly anti-smoking than someone who’s just given it up!  If you’re the quitter, be kind to your roommate who still smokes and if you’re the one who still smokes, be respectful when you request a change of the status quo.  You may find that you are no longer compatible as roommates, but still try to be civil with one another until the end of your lease.
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