From our friends at Unicorn Moving:

Moving can be a challenging process, but can be especially difficult in the extreme Texas heat. During the summer months, it is important for individuals or families that are preparing for a move to be prepared to face the high temperatures. After you have found your new home, it may be necessary to take precautions for the moving process.

Ways to Stay Safe in the Heat

Apartments are a popular home choice in Austin because of their convenient locations, affordable rent, and availability to the large student population. The busiest moving season is from May to August, and although this may be the most convenient time to move to your new home, it is also the hottest time of year. Some tips for safe summer time apartment moving include:

• Ensuring that your electricity and air conditioning have been turned on at the new location

• Providing plenty of water to your family, friends, and moving team

• Storing plants in a place where they will be safe from the heat

• Finding a place for children and pets to stay during the moving process

• Knowing where the elevators and ramps are in the apartment complex ahead of time

Moving can be simplified with the help of an experienced apartment locator and a qualified team of Austin movers. For more information about summer moving safety or to begin preparing for your move, please visit our website.