San Antonio Apartments Now CardSan Antonio’s Rental Market is booming, according to My San  After years of losing customers to homeownership during the national housing boom, renting is having its day in the sun.  Due to many factors such as rising gas prices and demographic trends such as younger people looking for housing and relocating employees wanting to try out a city before they buy, apartments are in demand. 

This demand is leading to higher rents.  In the last quarter of 2011, rent in the San Antonio area averaged 89 cents per square foot, up about 4.3 percent from the year before.  It also leads to more apartment projects being built.  10,000 new apartment units are expected to open in the San Antonio area in the next two years.

Developers of San Antonio Apartments are also including nicer amenities to set their properties apart from competitors. These amenities include everything from the expected, like fitness centers, to the unheard of, like car washes, and high-end decorating touches such as black appliances, stainless steel, tile or wood floors rather than carpet and resort-style pools.  All of which adds to your chances of being able to rent the perfect home, in the perfect location, for the perfect price!