#SelectingARoommate is a very important first step in an #apartment search.  You want to make sure you choose someone compatible and not every friend will be a good choice for sharing your home.  George Fox University has some great suggestions on finding a roommate.  They specifically address dorm life, but their suggestions and questions are definitely applicable to those sharing an apartment as well.
Develop a strategy for picking a roommate.  Your first step is to think about the people around you and how they live their lives.  How do you live yours?  Think about things like how clean you keep your environment and how they keep theirs. 
 What is most important to you and who do you see around you who shares these same goals?  Rank your priorities because it is unlikely you will find someone who fits every one of your preferences.
Start talking to other people about what they want in a roomie and then start narrowing down your list of choices to just a few people you think will be good candidates.  Have a frank discussion with them about how they want to live now so you can avoid conflict down the road.  George Fox has several thought-provoking questions to ask potential roomies, so be sure to check those out.
Finally, ask someone to live with you.  Be prepared for them to say no and keep asking other people.  It’s not a rejection, but rather just narrowing down to who is the perfect roommate for you.
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