Having trouble #SharingARefrigerator with roommates?  Does your roomie keep drinking your last Topo Chico?  Check out Avalon Communities’ tips for sharing a refrigerator and stop coming home to an empty fridge.  Better yet, discuss issues around refrigerators before you move into your #apartment and head off conflict from the very beginning!
The easiest thing to do is to simply split the shelves of the fridge and freezer evenly and designate them for each person living in the apartment.  You should also establish a rule about things that everyone will use like condiments and beverages.  The best way to handle this is to make the person who finishes the item be the one to replace it.  Hopefully this will result in a pretty even split.
Avoid writing your name on everything in the refrigerator because this will make you look possessive and childish.  But if you choose just a few important items to mark as yours, your roommates will be much more likely to steer clear of those special foods.
Set a schedule for who cleans the fridge when.  If a shared refrigerator isn’t cleaned regularly, it can become downright disgusting.  The best way to avoid this sorry state is to have everyone split the cost of supplies and set up a schedule where a different person cleans it on a weekly basis, and then stick to it.  To prevent the fridge from becoming gross sooner, make sure any spills are cleaned up immediately.
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