Sharing clothes with your roommate can be an awesome way for both of you to double your wardrobe:  as long as both of you are on the same page when it comes to the rules!  Refinery 29 has some great guidelines to abide by so you can share clothes with your roommate while remaining on speaking terms.
The first rule of #SharingClothes with your roommate is to ask first!  Never ever take clothes without asking, even if you think the owner will be fine with it.  Better to text her before you grab that blouse rather than suffer the consequences of an argument in the future!
Be completely realistic about your figure.  Sure, you and your roomie may both wear the same size, but if you have a larger chest than her, you could totally stretch out her clingy top.
Try to be equal in the amount you lend out and borrow.  If you’re always wearing her jewelry, let her borrow from your awesome purse collection.
Don’t let your roommate borrow clothes that you are irreplaceable. Things can get ruined, through no fault of your roommate, and it’s totally unfair to hold a grudge because she spilled coffee on your favorite dress.
There are even more tips over at Refinery 29, so be sure to check out the whole article!
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