The number of renters paying more than the 30% recommended for housing is on the rise due to the rising rent rates in the Alamo City. The average woman in San Antonio earns a median income of $20,800 per year, while men make considerably more with an annual salary of $28,980.  At those income levels, single San Antonio renters are spending more than they can afford on housing and struggle to keep up with the city’s rising rental rates.

With luxury apartments driving up the average rent rate in San Antonio, those minus a plus one are being priced out. More renters and lower vacancy rates have driven up housing costs – for both men and women – but the good news is that the housing market is still very affordable in San Antonio compared to other areas in the U.S.  

With the influx of luxury apartment communities emerging all over San Antonio, it is even more important that you work with a housing expert on your next apartment hunt. Our licensed apartment locators at Apartments Now are familiar with the city’s apartment rental inventory and will help guide you through the entire process. Give us a call today!