New year, new chance to get rid of all the extra stuff that’s taking up space in your life!  Apartment Therapy tells you what to get rid of in your kitchen.
Anything that’s stale or expired should be tossed.  If it’s an open package, it may have gone bad even if it hasn’t hit its expiration date yet.  So take a look at everything and throw away anything that isn’t at its best anymore.
Do you really need 5 cans of diced tomatoes?  Take excessive duplicates to a food bank, or trade with a neighbor so you have more space for the stuff you do need.
Anything that’s hiding in there that you just don’t want to eat, like your Aunt’s homemade jam that she makes you every year or other gifts or mistakes should be given to a food bank.  Do it now before it goes bad and no one can enjoy it.
Check your dry foods like flour for weevils or other infestations and toss anything that looks like it might have pests in it.
Spices have a long shelf life, but not THAT long.  Check out your spices and throw away anything that’s so old it could get its driver’s license.  You’ll appreciate the flavor of fresh spices, trust us!
Finally, non-food items need to get out of your pantry!  They will just get in the way when you are trying to cook and make you frustrated.  So rehome them in the appropriate room!
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