The kitchen is the heart of the home! So when your apartment rental comes with a small kitchen and limited storage space, you try to create a better kitchen through hacks and organization. Here’s some helpful tips that we love that are sure to make your space more efficient!
Tackle your pantry.
Make use of every inch in your pantry by getting rid of those odd size boxes that your pre-packaged food comes in. Use clear saver containers for everything in it. Not only can you now see how much you have, but it’s guaranteed to stay fresh longer.

Source: HomeDit

Maximize your existing cabinets.
Get creative and find places you can add storage. Hanging a basket to the inside of your cabinets can help store those odds and ends that you just don’t have the space for!

Source: BetterHomes
Source: BetterHomes
Optimize wall space. 
Don’t forget to use those walls! Hang up a shelf or go for peg board. Here’s a great opportunity to add some character to your kitchen and spice it up with color.

Source: BetterHomes
Source: Ikea

Don’t forget the fridge.

The fridge often goes over looked, but there is a great opportunity to get some added storage space out of it. Make sure to use every inch of your fridge inside and out!

Source: Instructables

Source: TartsandJello
Just because you are limited on kitchen space does not mean your kitchen cannot be organized. Our apartment finders are experts in working with renters who would like the most spacious apartment kitchen for their budget. Let us help you find the perfect sized apartment for your budget!