While it’s impossible to have a one-size-fits-all set of rules to arranging furniture in every room, given that rooms are all different sizes as are furniture, Apartment Therapy’s guidelines will help you have a well laid out room.
Put heavy objects away from the entry to the room if you can to make your room feel as large as possible.  By moving the visually bulkiest item away from you, it gives your eyes a better view of the rest of the room, thereby making it feel less crowded.
You should also disperse visually weighty pieces throughout the room, trying to balance them with another piece that’s similarly sized.  For example, if you are placing a large mirror on one side of the room, try to have something else that is also packs a lot of weight opposite it.
Make sure there is a clear path in your entryway and don’t make it too crowded with a lot of oversized furniture.  Also, don’t place anything too close to the front door to impede access in and out of your #apartment.
All furniture doesn’t always belong pressed right up against the walls.  Pull pieces away from the walls and feel free to use furniture to divide areas into different conversation areas.
When you put together your furniture arrangement, think about how people will move around your room.  Make sure there are clear patterns for traffic to move through the space and no obstacles.
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