I appreciate having the opportunity to put things away in my home. However, if the apartment you have fallen in love with has a lack of closets but you’d really still like to lease it, then check out this list of simple and creative no-closet hack ideas.

Create an out in the open storage solution. 
The most obvious solution is to set up a clothing rack and place it in the corner of the bedroom.  Color coordinating your clothing on the rack, and utilizing the same color and style in your clothing hangers will help create a room appeal. Try adding a shelf to the bottom of the rack to create additional space to house shoes and accessories. Be mindful in the way you use bookshelves because they can store clothing too. Still needing ideas? Check out several open storage solutions on our No Closet HacksPinterest Board.
Use an armoire in any room.
If you are not a fan of the open rack solution then purchase an armoire to store your clothing away in. Check out your local thrifts stores and see what you can find that is inexpensive yet purposeful.

Add a shelving unit in your spare bedroom.

If you find that your spare bedroom does not have a closet then just fake a closet by hanging up a clothes rod. Buy a room divider and try to draw attention away from your clothing. Also, make sure you do not forget to utilize the under-bed-storage. Check out more no-closet space saving solutions on our Pinterest board

Utilize a nook in your apartment.
If you can find a nook in your apartment that is just big enough for your belongings then you can build out your closet as an open storage solution, and then cover it up with a curtain. The cover up will allow you to keep the space just a little messy without anyone ever discovering it!

If you have ever lived in an apartment without a closet how did you do it? We’d love to hear your space saving solutions!

If you are looking for an apartment where you can get creative with the space saving solutions then contact us! Our licensed apartment finders work daily with renters in helping them find the perfect apartment with just enough space!