Creating a gallery wall in your apartment is a great way to transform a room using very little money. Whether you want to make a statement or just showcase some of your favorite items, here are some useful tips to help you put it all together.

Mix it up. Add a variety of photos, prints, paintings, and objects for a curated look. Don’t be afraid to mix up frame or picture mat styles.   

Get creative. Try painting or drawing something yourself for your wall.  Kids painting also make a great addition to a gallery wall.

AGirl and A Glue Gun
Don’t get stuck on spacing. After you have decided which wall to use and how much space you have available then get started by choosing one big item to anchor the wall. Then build around it leaving around 2 – 3 inches between pictures. Do not feel like everything needs to have the same spacing around it, do what works for your space.
Use a template. Find a template you like then use painters tape to plan it out on the floor. Figure out your arrangement and then start hanging it all up.

Decorating your apartment does not have to feel overwhelming, nor does looking for a place to call home. Contact our apartment finders and let them help you find the perfect apartment for you and your budget.