From loud music to non-stop yelling or barking, if you’ve found yourself dealing with a noisy neighbor then it is important that you resolve the problem while also keeping the peace. Here’s a couple helpful tips to help you resolve the loud or obnoxious neighbor in the friendliest manner possible.

Soundproof your apartment
Sometimes taking the precautions in your own apartment can help drown out your noisy neighbor. Try using a fan, white noise machine, air purifier, foam panels, or block out the noise with a door silencing kit. 

Approach your landlord
If a quiet apartment is a priority then make sure to explain this to your landlord or apartment finder before you sign your lease. Ask important questions such as the pet policy and floor covering rules. Be a good detective and make sure to establish your expectations before you move in. 

Read your lease
Most of the time there is a clause about the appropriate noise level in your lease. Before you do something that you might later regret, read your lease and know your rights. Try to talk it out with your noisy neighbor before going to your landlord with your complaint. 

Buy a good pair of ear plugs
Sometimes that is all you need!

Have you ever had a positive noisy neighbor experience? What tactic worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Noise, it’s something we’ve all been faced with before but not every noisy neighbor is the same. Let our apartment finders help guide you through your next search process. They are experts in the apartment market and can help you find your dream apartment with just the perfect amount of noise.