So you’ve signed your first lease and you are now ready to move into your first apartment. Finally time to look back at all those boards you pinned on Pinterest, and begin arranging  your dream apartment. Before you jump into the decorating game, here several tips for creating the right space for you without overspending.

Set your style.
Bohemian. Shabby Chic. Traditional. Eclectic. There are numerous styles that you can include in your rental, but before you start filling up your basket spend some time budgeting and planning out your collection. Nail down a primary style (and budget) for your space before you begin to fill it!

Start with function.
It always fun to shop for decorative accessories, but before you blow your budget on throw blankets and decorative pillows you should commit to the functional pieces you need first. Space is a premium in apartments, so choose items that serve a purpose and are multifunctional. Once you have the essentials, begin to layer the room with color.

Renting an apartment for the first-time can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the time-sensitive process. Our apartment finders can help make the process easier on you. They work daily with first-time renters to help them secure the best apartment for their style and budget. Call us today!