Happy Earth Day! Lack of homeownership is no excuse for not keeping a green household. We often think of going green as something you can only do as a homeowner when infact living environmentally friendly is actually easier for renters and can cost a lot less. For those of you ready to go green at home then here are 3 eco-friendly things you can start doing today!

Use organic products
Going green is not only about putting solar panels on your roof and planting trees in your yard.  Just because you rent rather than own doesn’t mean you cannot see value from green living. Apartment dwellers have the same responsibility to this planet, and have many opportunities to be a eco-friendly consumer. As a renter you can easily switch to energy efficient bulbs, buy eco-friendly household products, limit your use of plastic, and recycle your unwanted furniture.

Buy indoor plants
Plants are a great way to go green. Indoor houseplants will not only help improve the air quality in your apartment, but they can also help keep an apartment cooler during those hot summer months. Try placing a larger plant in front of a window to help block out unwanted sunlight. It is just a simple fix for the environmentally minded renter in you!

Reduce the use
Try to limit cranking up the thermostat in your apartment during those peak times. Turning it back 10 to 15 degrees for at least 8 hours can save you up to 15% a year on your electricity bill.  Turning off lights when you leave a room, utilizing as much natural light as possible, and unplugging chargers or appliances when not using them will add a lot of savings while helping conserve energy.  

We’d love to hear all your green living tips in the comment section below. Speak out and share!

Renting should never limit your options for living green. Our apartment finders are experts in working with apartment dwellers who enjoy green living with the convenience of renting! Contact us today!

To learn more about sustainable living or get more involved visit earthday.org.