Dreary cold weather and the arrival of Daylight Savings Time can make getting motivated to do your work difficult.  Apartment Therapy is here to the rescue with their suggestions for getting down to business when you’d rather be lying under the covers.
An intense period of activity will often wake you up and get you going.  Whether it’s a cold shower, a little five minute dance party, or some quick exercises, you can get yourself going.
Try the Pomodoro method, which prescribes that you determine what task you want to do, work on it for 25 minutes, and then take a 3-5 minute break.  After doing that for four 25 minute intervals, you get a 15 minute break.  This is great when you’re having a really hard time getting motivated because it’s much easier to do something for 25 minutes than an indeterminate amount of time.
During those breaks, rather than sitting at your desk and staring into space (or watching cat videos), do something that will help you re-focus when it’s time to get back to work, like a couple of yoga positions, or walk around the office and chat with a coworker for a couple of minutes.  This will make your break feel more like a real break and allow you to approach your work with fresh resolve.
Even if it’s freezing cold or raining, step outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air.
Make a to-do list and then prioritize your top action items.  By seeing everything written down, you can get your long to-do list out of your head and focus on the task at hand.  Plus, if you’re having a day where it’s difficult to focus, you can just go on auto-pilot and won’t have to think about what’s next.
When you’re warming up in the morning, go ahead and do a couple of the activities that require less thinking to ease into your work day.  
Of course, if all else fails, just jumping in and getting started may be the best way to approach work when you just don’t want to do anything!
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