Today 79 million U.S. households own a pet and more than half of pet owners think of their pet as family. Many pet owners who do not have children also see their pets as children. So when you are on the apartment search it is important to think about not only your needs but those of your pets too. Since leaving a pet behind is almost never an option, here are 3 things you should look for when renting your next apartment.

Some landlords can be nervous about renting to pet owners because all they are thinking about is the damage to their property, but there are exceptions. There are plenty of apartments that accept pets and you should never sign a lease if it reads “no pets allowed”, even if the landlord says it is OK. The lease must be revised properly and should be replaced with proper language approving your pet.  Prior to moving make sure your lease includes your pet deposit or any monthly fees you will incur for having a furry friend as your roommate.

Walk around the property and make sure that it is clean and that they have adequate resources to dispose of your pet waste. Take a look at entrances and exits, and pay attention to perimeter fencing and gates. Make sure it meets your expectations and is suitable for you and your pet.
There are many pet-friendly apartments in San Antonio. If finding an apartment for you and your furry friend is important to you then contact our apartment finders. They are knowledgeable of inventory in the area and know which apartments will love your pets just as much as you do!  It does not have to be a challenge to find an apartment to rent in the Alamo City with your pet, call us!