Too much stuff can so easily accumulate and fill your apartment with unneeded items.  Apartment has a great list of items that you’ve probably already got too many of and how to pare down.

Two or three sets of sheets, at most, for each bed is plenty.  You can pass those extra sets along to animal shelters or cut them into smaller strips to use for rags.  Same with towels; do you really need a new one each day?  Think about using a hair towel, a bath towel and a hand towel for an entire week.  You can then donate those leftover towels to the animal shelter along with your sheets!  Be sure to save a couple of large towels to bring to the beach.

In the kitchen, chances are you have too many glasses.  Unless you’re a bartender, you probably don’t need a separate type of glass for every type of drink.  Consider using stemless wine glasses you can use for everything.  Also, you probably have a jillion tupperware containers.  Cull your collection and only keep a few that actually have lids.  Throw the rest in the recycling bin.  Or you can get rid of the plastic entirely and go for ceramic or glass dishes that can go from oven to table to the refrigerator.  Another option is to buy stretch-to-fit covers that transform any bowl or plate into a container.

Cleaning and grooming products can also accumulate.  Weed out the stuff you don’t use everyday to make yourself pretty and donate the rest to a homeless shelter or friends who might use it.  As for cleaning products, find one all-purpose cleanser that will do all the jobs you need and toss the rest.  Make-up is another place we can tend to hoard stuff.  If something’s been around more than a year, it’s probably full of bacteria AND you’ll probably never use it, so throw it away.