Homeownership is not for everyone, and we believe that you should do what makes financial sense for you. While owning a home offers some advantages, renting is a sweet deal too!  If you’ve found yourself in a rent versus buy struggle then here are a few questions to help you in the decision making process. Answer yes to any of them and take it as a sign that maybe you are not ready for homeownership and are better off renting –for now!

1. Do you have a hard time saving money?
If you are not ready to write the big fat down payment check then chances are you are not ready for homeownership. There are a lot of costs associated with buying a house and therefore you must be financially prepared. An apartment security deposit can be more affordable than a down payment on a house.

2. Does your life needs flexibility?
Experts recommend that you buy a house if you are not going to move for several years. If you are not sure about the location of your job or what’s next for your future, then it might be a sign to stay clear of buying right now. Buying a house is a long term commitment, while renting has fewer strings attached.

3. Do you have shaky credit?
If you are working on building up your credit score or still have a substantial amount of debt that you are trying to pay off then buying a house right now might not be for you. When you apply for a home loan the bank will review all of your financials and use it to determine your mortgage conditions and interest rate. While it might be difficult to rent an apartment with bad credit, it isn’t impossible. A licensed apartment locator can guide you and make the process as smooth as possible.

4. Do you need a hassle-free life?
If you do not like to deal with maintenance then homeownership might not be for you. In an apartment the landlord takes care of any repairs, but with homeownership comes a lot of responsibilities. You must be financially prepared to pay for house improvements, repairs, taxes, and insurance. Owning a house will bring added expenses that renting an apartment does not.

Whether you are interested in renting or buying a home our agents can help. All of our experts are knowledgeable with the tools needed to help you find the perfect place to live in San Antonio – whether buying a house or renting an apartment!