Two more West Nile Virus deaths occurred recently in Travis County, reports, bringing the total for 2012 to 5.  Before 2012, there had been two West Nile deaths in Travis county in 2007 and one in 2003.
Both of the newest deaths occurred in people over 50 with other medical conditions, risk factors for West Nile, and occurred October 31st and November 6th.  The season for the virus was at its peak at the end of August and the number of cases continue to decrease.  In fact, the medical director for Travis County said that people no longer need to use insect repellent when they venture outdoors.
Statewide, we’ve seen 79 West Nile deaths, not including the two new Travis County deaths.  Across the state, there have been 1,754 human cases this year, which is a sharp increase from last year’s 27 cases and two deaths.  A third of the country’s 2012 West Nile deaths were in Texas.  Nationally, there have been 5,054 cases and 228 fatalities this year.
Dallas County had the most cases and the most deaths, with 18 deaths and 383 cases.  
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