When putting together a party, it’s easy to let perfectionism take over.  Relax, there are some things your guests just won’t care about.  Instead, focus your energy on the few that actually do matter at a party with Apartment Therapy’s helpful tips.
Guests don’t care if your apartment is in perfect shape.  Focus on a clean bathroom, mostly dusted surfaces, a clutter-free living room, and if you have time, a quick vacuum and you will be good to go.  Things not perfect?  Turn down the lights and use candles so no one can see the dirt!
Visitors aren’t bothered by where the food came from.  So feel free to buy pre-made dishes at the grocery store or dessert at the bakery and enjoy yourself!
Partygoers won’t have their time ruined by whether or not you have assembled the perfect super-group of friends.  They’re all friends with you, so they should all have more in common than not.  Relax and let the conversation take care of itself.
Now that you’ve saved energy in those areas, focus on presentation.  Place food, even if it’s from the store, in pretty bowls and add flowers, lights, candles and even place cards to make things look put together.
Make sure you have plenty of whatever you serve.  It’s always better to have extra food than to run out. Go ahead and send guests home with to-go containers if you have a lot of remaining dishes at the end of the night.
Finally, enjoy yourself!  No one wants to be at a party where the host is unhappy.  Smile, have a good time, and let things go.  Your guests are there to see you, not to experience the perfect party.
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