Townhouse / Townhome / Town House / Town Home:

-Noun: one of a row of houses joined by common sidewalls.

As an expert real estate agent in Austin, Texas, I have come to understand that people today assume a townhome to be a freestanding unit, considerably like a duplex or home. This is not actually the situation. By classification, it’s a “row” of houses. Frequently individuals compare most townhomes with “row houses” much like the ones in New York . A look that comes to mind might be “the Cosby Show” dwelling. Austin’s a little different in the definition of a ‘townhome’.

The majority of of the townhome type floor plans in San Antonio are located inside an apartment type community. Presently there are some that are strictly townhome communities, however it’s not the norm. A good deal more often than not, the communities have several other floor plans including one and two bedroom apartment properties and flats somewhere on the property. Often, these flats are situated beneath a townhome floor plan. Consequently, the entry is normally located on the second floor as opposed to the first floor.

Since the usual townhome floor plan is two stories, there usually are a number of downsides. One in particular is that utilities could possibly be a bit higher. One more problem to consider is that the stairway is actually incorporated in the overall square footage; therefore homes could in many cases feel more large than they realistically are.

On the up side, a townhome floor plan customarily has no neighbors on top of the flat, the only wall space shared usually are on the sides or bottom. Furthermore, townhomes with a first floor entrance may possibly have a much bigger expanded outdoor patio area as a result. 

If you have more questions about the differences in types of rental units, feel free to give us a call – this is what we do day in and day out – and we can definitely help!  Happy renting!