Prepare now for those winter colds that lie ahead.  Apartment Therapy has 4 things to do after you’ve been sick, plus one that you don’t need to.
First off, after you’re finally feeling well, change your sheets.  When you’re sick, your sheets get sweaty and funky.  Change them when the sickness passes so you can enjoy a long, restful sleep.
Quickly clean your house of all those discarded tissues, glasses, and everything else that winds up all over the place when you’re sick.  
Clean shared household items with a disinfectant to hopefully prevent your family or roommates from getting sick.  From the tv remote to door handles, light switches, etc, take time to wipe them down so you won’t pass your sickness onto others.
Odds are that your cold medicine stash has been depleted while you’ve been sick. Take a little time to restock your medicine cabinet so you’ll be prepared should sickness strike again in the future.
As for something you don’t need to do?  Replace your toothbrush.  Since you’re the only one using it, and you’ve built up an immunity to the germs that just infected you, there’s no need to replace it.
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