So I get this question a lot: How can apartment locators work for free? Technically we don’t work for “free” (yes, we have to eat too :-), it’s more like “free to you, the client”. We provide a very valuable service for both the renter and the apartment, a service that apartments are willing to compensate us for. And here’s why…

Apartment communities have a marketing budget every month. They can spend it on newspaper, online or TV ads, all of which are considered to be blind marketing. “Blind” marketing tends to bring in a whole bunch of prospective tenants who may or may not be qualified for the specific community. Identifying which tenants are truly prospective renters for your particular property is a very time consuming (and therefor expensive) process for leasing agents.

This is where apartment locators or apartment finders come in. Work hard to keep our clients from waste ANY money on application fees at apartments they won’t qualify for. So in addition to qualifying the apartment community for our clients needs, we make every attempt to prequalify our clients for the prospective apartment based on the information the client gives us.

When reputable apartment locators and apartment finders bring their clients to a community, the leasing agent knows that the client meets the minimum qualifications, and can focus on the showing them the property. It is a win-win for the renter and the apartment because neither has to waste time or money on an apartment showing that has no chance of working out.