H-E-L-L-O Spring! 

If you’ve recently dug around in your closet and found shorts mixed in with your heavy winter sweaters then it just might time to think about storing away your winter garments. It is very important task that we sometimes find ourselves dreading, but it is important that when it is done it’s done right! We understand this is no easy task so here are three smart tips on how you can keep your winter wear so fresh and so clean and also so organized. Trust us, your spring wardrobe will thank you!

Make a Purge and Keep Pile

Pull everything out of your closet and take inventory. Next, sort it by season. Take your winter pile and purge anything you will not wear next year. Everything is fair game – coats, boots,heavy sweaters, and scarfs. Think of the space in your closet as real estate and what you are wearing this season should take up the “prime” spot.  We feel less is always more, but you should set up your organizational system with what works best for you. Finally, make sure to clean every garment you are going to store away to keep discoloration from occurring. 

Color Code Each Season
Make it easier on the eyes (and memory) and purchase a different color plastic containers for each season. Trying staying away from vacuum sealed bags as they do not let some fabrics breath. If you are limited on space then try using a suitcase to store away your winter gear and don’t forget to utilize under bed storage. Based on your space availability decide how to store it all away!

To Hang or to Fold, that is the Question
Pay close attention to the fabrics in your winter clothing. Fabrics such as cashmere and wool should be folded if you do not want to stretch them out. Also pay close attention to your hangers because they also can help preserve your winter wardrobe for next year. For example, keep your silks and cottons on padded hangers. We want your winter wardrobe to last for many seasons to come!

Organizing your winter wear does not have to feel overwhelming and neither does looking for a place to call home. Our licensed apartment finders are experts in working with renters who need to get the most out of their closet space, while also staying on budget. Give us a call today and let us help you find a place to call home.