Cutting the clutter out of your apartment you will help highlight what matters most to you. Whether you need more space in your apartment or just want to eliminate the chaos, this simple four-step process will help you lessen the clutter and lead a better life.

The thought of organizing your entire life belongings may seem just a little overwhelming at first. Start the process by convincing yourself that what you own already is enough, and then draw up a plan of how you are going to attack your apartment chaos. Decide ahead of time whether you will dedicate 1 hour or 1 day to eliminating the clutter from your apartment. Don’t try to be superman and finish everything all at once. That will only leave you feeling like you want to quit without completing the job you have set out to do.  
Be selective about the items that fill up your space. In this next phase, make a mental list of what items are current and useful to your life and then begin paring down the number of things you own. Make sure to set aside an area in your apartment where you can begin to set aside items you are going to donate/sell from those that are going to be tossed out with the trash.
It’s not always easy to start off, so here are a couple simple tasks to think about as you comb through each room in your apartment.
  • Only put items on your counter tops that get regular use
  • Get rid of duplicate kitchen appliances that you have never used before
  • Empty your junk drawer, often
  • Read your mail as soon as you get it and file important documents in their proper place
  • Purge old cleaning products because they lose their potency if stored for extreme periods
  • Remove old cookware or un-used cookware items
  • Eliminate anything that is broken and not working
Office Nook:
  • Go Electronic! Scan old photos or important paperwork and reduce the paper clutter from your life
  • Clean out your file cabinet and only keep relevant material 
  • Remove programs or files you don’t use anymore on your computer or Ipad
  • Clean out desk drawers and only keep items that used often
  • Make room in the desk for your items and keep the top of your desk clear 
  • Get rid of old electronics you do not use anymore along with their cords and manuals. If you don’t use it anymore, lose it!
  • Organize your clothing by seasons and purge items you do not use/fit into 
  • Use it or lose it when it comes to your shoes
  • Keep extra linens and blankets to a minimum
  • All items on your nightstand/dresser should have daily importance in your life
  • Clean out the medicine cabinet and toss out all expired prescriptions
  • Organize drawers so you can clear the countertop or sink
  • Monthly clean out your makeup bag/drawer to avoid bacteria contamination
  • Out of sight is out of mind so use baskets/bins to organize toiletry items under the sink

Once you have purged then your next step is organization. Set up a simple storage solution in key areas of your apartment to help you keep your apartment clutter-free always. Check out our Pinterest board for some easy apartment-friendly solutions. 

Clutter is known to only attract more clutter, and when what you need is space then you must learn how to manage the clutter. Dedicating just 10 minutes a day will help keep the clutter away! Clutter has a way of trying to re-enter into your life, so consider implementing a system for maintaining order in your apartment. We are all tempted at one time or another to just leave the mess until next time, but you must decide now that you will keep up with it. You will be rewarded with a pleasing living environment and a lot less chaos in your life, trust me.
If after you cut the clutter out of your apartment you discover that what matters to you the most is renting a smaller apartment or even an apartment with more storage space then let us help! We will eliminate all the chaos that can come with the apartment search process, leaving you more time to focus on selecting what items should be filling up your livable space.