Buying furniture online can seem really easy, but also terrifying.  If you don’t like a sofa, you can’t just wrap it up and put it on the porch for UPS to come pick up.  Read on for Apartment Therapy’s tips to avoid furniture regret when buying online.
Make sure to find out what return policy the store has.  If it’s unclear, don’t be afraid to contact their customer service to find out so you aren’t stuck with an expensive mistake.
Figure out how much the delivery fee will be and be sure to add this to the cost of your furniture to be sure it’s still in your budget.  
Ask for fabric swatches so you can see the color and feel the texture of the piece in person.  Also, check around on the internet for pictures of the piece in real people’s homes.  Often the site will have a place for customers to upload pictures of their furniture, but you can also use Pinterest, Google Images, and Flickr to search for the piece by name.
It’s very difficult to know how a piece will look in your house based on just looking at the dimensions-so mark out the dimensions of the sofa or table you’re looking at using tape on your floor, or cut them out of a large piece of paper so you can easily move it around.  Make sure to try and visualize how tall the piece is as well.
If you can at all manage it, try to see the piece in person at the store.  If you’re on a trip to somewhere that has the store you are considering getting the furniture from, make sure to stop there and look at it in person.  Or you could ask a relative or friend who lives in a city with the store to check it out so you can at least get a real live person’s opinion.  
Finally, don’t forget to measure all the places standing between your future furniture purchase and your #apartment:  the doorways, stairs, elevators, and anywhere else it will have to travel.  If it doesn’t fit through all of them, then you’ve just saved yourself a huge headache!
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