Choosing the perfect paint color can be a nail-biting experience.  Sure, it’s only paint, but painting is a lot of work and you don’t want to have to re-do it as soon as you’re done.  With Apartment Therapy’s tips on picking the perfect paint, you’ll never have to repaint a second time again.
Your first step is to be practical about what colors will work best in your particular space, and a lot of that depends on whether you have a bright room or one that doesn’t get much natural light.  Generally, white and light colors look the best in a room that’s full of light and warmer, darker colors look best in a room that doesn’t see much light.  But no matter what color you want, you can find a shade of it that fits your space.  
Neutrals like beige, taupe and grey aren’t as easy to use as you might think.  When picking a neutral, you have to pick carefully to make sure it looks good with the undertones of any large pieces in the room, like furniture or the floors.  Now that you know generally what to pick, go to the hardware store and grab fistfuls of paint swatches.  Pick anything that looks appealing to you and head home to determine what works.
Once you’ve got the swatches in your room, put them vertically against all the walls and at all points on the wall, near the floor, by the window, next to the couch, etc.  Do this in the morning, afternoon and evening to check out what the colors look at all points of the day.  Through this process you’ll be able to narrow down to your top 2 to 3 choices.
Now that you’ve got your choices narrowed down, get a small sample can of each and paint swatches at least 10 inches square of all the colors on the walls throughout your room.  Over the next couple of days, pay attention to how the colors look throughout the day.  Hopefully one of the colors will jump out of you as a favorite and it’s time to get to work!  If not, go back to the swatch step.
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