If you’ve got a tight budget, eating healthy can be really difficult.  However, the Kitchn has a bunch of great tips for eating healthy without breaking the bank.
Buy produce when it’s cheap and in season and freeze it for use later when it will be more expensive.  
Look for sales at your local grocery store using their weekly circular, and use that to make your weekly meal plan.
Try less expensive cuts of meat and cooking methods like the slow cooker which will make even the toughest cuts of meat tender and juicy.
Use whole grains to add bulk and flavor to meals without breaking the bank.
Plan and make your meals ahead of time, then refrigerate or freeze them to eat all week and beyond.
Seek out cuisines like Indian and Mexican food that use a lot of cheap ingredients.  Rice and beans feature heavily in the food of both cultures and are affordable and filling.
Make sure your refrigerator and pantry are organized and leftovers are well-labeled so you don’t lose money by allowing food to spoil.
Use leftovers to cook an entirely new meal.  Last night’s chicken can become tonight’s sandwiches.  
Like to buy produce at the Farmer’s Market, but don’t want to pay the high prices?  Go at the end of the day when sellers are eager to unload produce so they don’t have to take it home with them.
Finally, shopping at ethnic markets will save you money on a lot of ingredients, and you will find interesting ways to switch up your cooking without spending a lot.
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