Getting ready to get your first place is super exciting. However, it can also be a very intimidating and stressful time. Renting an apartment for the first time is a pretty-big-deal, and the decision should not be taken lightly. We share a couple tips for first-time renters so that you don’t find your head spinning through the entire process.

Get it in writing.
It is important that when you actually find a place that you love that you do not just glaze over the details. Get everything in writing and pay close attention to the details outlined in your lease agreement.

Be certain you can afford the rent.
There are plenty of upfront costs associated with renting an apartment. Most of these costs will occur before you even spend your first night in your new apartment. Experts recommend that you keep your rental expenses to 30% of your annual income while maintaining a savings of 10% for emergency situations. Budgeting expenses now will eliminate the hassle later.

Renter’s insurance is a must.
Renters insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance. While you might think it is ok to pass on this, don’t! Policies are relatively affordable and you can protect yourself for as little as $30 a month. This is a must-have for any renter!

Our apartment finders are experts in working with first-time renters. They will make the challenges of finding an apartment easier on you! Give us a call and let Apartments Now help make this experience a memorable one for you.