Gender Inclusive Housing may be implemented on the University of Texas campus soon, The Daily Texan reports.  At the most basic level, this means that students of different genders would be able to live together in dorm rooms, possibly as soon as the 2013-2014 school year.

The University Residence Hall Organization, which consists of about 50 student officers who represent all the students who live on campus, unanimously voted to pass a resolution asking the University to provide gender inclusive housing for students who would like it.  They did this after a survey found that 64 percent of the students living on campus are in favor of providing gender inclusive housing.

The University states that the purpose of this housing is to give options to transgender students, students who are discovering their gender identity, gay or bisexual students, students who would feel more comfortable rooming with members of the opposite sex, and students who do not wish to be identified by gender.  It would also benefit those who may wish to room with a sibling of the opposite sex or a disabled person and their caretaker. 

Currently, over 100 universities and colleges provide this option.  The next step will be getting approval from the UT Board of Regents and President Bill Powers.  Residence Hall Contracts for next year have already been signed, so gender inclusive housing could not be offered until at least the fall of 2013.

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